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Tomato Seed Day!
Well, today is the day when we germinate our tomato seeds. I couldnt be more excited because who doesn't love to grow tomatoes? I love the simple smell of the leaves. Ive been rumaging through my moms house, looking for more containers to plant in, in order to continue being cheap, and I found that I was quite successful. I have probably 10 new pots that I can use for transplanting!
I believe we are also going to be germinating our sweet and purple basil, and oregano. Its so warm out today, that maybe we can even go out to our plot and plant our beets, raddishes and carrots. I know this sounds like a lot of foliage, but we've got a pretty big plot, and what ever doesn't fit in our humble space will be put into my mothers backyard, and we are also going to sell some of our seedlings.
Also, some other great news! We have now begun to spot new sprouts from our eggplant and rosemary seeds! They're only little niblets right now, but that was last night, so Im sure that they are slightly bigger today. I'll see when I get over to Melissa's.
Sad story, our broccoli sprouts seem to be sort of leggy...any advice? Considering how new this blog is, im not expecting any. However, I heard if you transplant them and bury them lower in the dirt, that should help. That last thing we want are some floosy broccoli that are out there flaunting their long legs, waiting for some other not so leggy broccoli to take them away.
Its a gorgeous day here in suburban Chicago, and many people know how amazing those first true days of spring weather are here. I want to frolic, and lay outside, but I'll just drive with my windows down. Well anyway, off to Home Depot for some PEAT CUPS and POTTING SOIL!


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haha ashley made a typo! gardenig. i dunno what that is.

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