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hot pepper teas
I just read on a site that a good way to repel insects is with tea that contains hot peppers.
Does anybody know anything about that? Also, any other natural insect repellents that can be made at home?

I was also thinking about planting my nasturtiums in planters, and just putting them between my other plants to deter pests. I heard that nasturtiums are really good for that.

Any advice is appreciated...

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Careful with Nasturtiums. They LOVE to grow. Planters may solve that -- I don't know how likely they are to spread on their own.

What pests are you experiencing?

Copper deters some pests. I put a few spare copper pipes around the garden, last year. (this year, if they're a problem again, I'm going to make some filings and try those.) You can make slug and snail traps with some plastic bins and soapy water. IIRC, you can also apply soapy water in a spray to the leaves of some plants to deter aphids.

I'm not really sure what kind of pests to expect, we haven't had any problems yet because our planting season just started. I've just read that nasturtiums help with many of them. I was planning to pot them and kind of space them around my garden...

I will definitely look into the copper pipes. How well did they work for you? did you bury them at all?

The copper cut down the slugs and snails, but didn't stop them. Copper filings would probably work better.

There are enough different pests that it is hard to say 'do this and it will be better'. You may need to expect slightly lower yeilds the first year, and see what problem pests attack your gardens. Alternatively, if any of youe neighbors have gardens (veggie or otherwise) you could ask them what pests to expect.

garden pests

Your garden sounds exciting!! I've heard that marigolds planted around the perimeter or hair clippings sprinkled around the plants deters bunnies. I've never done the marigolds but the hair seems to work in our garden.

Also, to help cut down on continual weeding, lay newspapers around and between the plant and up and down aisles then spread grass clippings on top. Water can still penetrate, the ground stays warm, the newspaper biodegrades and the clippings eventually decompose and add to the soil for next year. I add clippings all season long then rototill them under/in at the end of the season and in the spring.

How large is your garden? What did you plant? Cait and I can't wait to start ours!

anonymous post

anonymous would = Nanette

haha! im so excited you guys saw my posts! Do you have a live journal or did you see it on facebook?

Yeah we may plant marigolds around the perimeter because that worked pretty well for me last year...i don't know where I would get the hair clippings though...

We were going to lay down straw, but I will definitely look into newspaper too.

Okay, so our garden is 400 square feet.
Here is the long list of things we are planning to grow:
Ancho Peppers
Orange Bell peppers
Red Florence Onions
Dragon Carrots
Three varieties of beets
French Breakfast radish
Mixed Lettuce
Green Zebra Tomatoes
Black Krim Tomatoes
Purple Russian Tomatoes
Riesentraube tomatoes
Purple Basil
Sweet Basil

A few of these things are going to go in our parents backyards because we can't fit it all. We germinated everything from seed so whatever seedlings we have left that we cant fit, we will probably sell...
Its going to be a lot of work, but A LOT of fun and I would love if you guys would come and visit sometime!

The nasturtiums and hot peppers are likely to be fine. As should the rosemary and oregano.

The leafy greens (beets, basil, sage, lettuce) could attract slugs and snails, or rabbits, or a variety of bugs. You also need to be careful with some lettuces against rot, if there is bad drainage.

With your tomatoes, keep an eye out for the various blights (the late blight was particularly bad last year) and if you find it on a plant remove the plant and fruit ASAP to save the rest. Also, tomatoes have issues with all sorts of worms and bugs. Nasturtiums or Marigolds are great to control pests near them.

Garden of course

I had a live journal but who knows where I put it? hehe If you can try and let fb know when you have an update or I'll forget to look at live journal. Thanks.

Your garden is a nice size and you guys are very ambitious....lots of different crops!!! They all have their little quirks/needs and it will be fun to research and learn how to care for them so they can produce to their fullest. I would love to visit the farm that gardengirls2010 built/planted!

Good Luck. Love ya, Nanette

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