This sad and gloomy day...
Looking outside right now makes me want to cry...

Yesterday we were FINALLY able to plant outside and build our fence all before a storm came in. Officially, the things we have in the ground now are:
Onions, Asparagus, Carrots, Beets, Radishes, Mixed Lettuce, Rhubarb and Pumpkin.

My fear is that our onion plants, which are only mere 2 inch sprouts, are going to wash away, and all of the seeds we put in will be gone! It is raining so much, and has been raining since 8pm yesterday, and isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow night!


I guess that was a little dramatic, but its how I truly feel.

Does anybody know what I should do protection wise in this situation? It's really not safe to be out in an open field right now, so I guess I will just have to wait and hope for the best. For all I know, this will be great for the plants, and when I get there, they will be blooming and prosperous!

Still waiting for tomato seeds to germinate. I don't know why I am being so impatient. We only planted then on April 2nd and it's only been four days! I'm panicking for nothing! Maybe its because I love tomatoes so much, that I have such high concern for them all the time. I'm not really sure.

We're also still waiting on basil, purple basil, oregano, sage, and nasturtium. I'm also not quite sure how long those take to germinate, but I'm sure they will be fine.

On a better note, we officially have lots and lots of Ancho and Orange Bell Pepper sprouts that are doing quite well! Along with our eggplant, rosemary, and broccoli! Unfortunately, we have kind of given up on our Habanero peppers. They just don't seem to be sprouting at all. We thought they would because we did a little digging and found a few seeds with the tiniest little things coming out of them, but its been a long time, and still nothing. I guess you just can't win them all.

Water Spigots are finally working on our plot so now we don't have to carry jugs and jugs of water back and forth every time we go there. I have a warning for everyone, I don't care how brave you are...WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!!!
I have the worst possible burn lines you could imagine. Farmers tans don't have anything on me! I learned  my lesson, and never again will I garden without sunscreen.

Anyway, I am going to go, and leave you with one question, and if anyone has advice, please comment:
How easy is it for seeds to be washed away in severe thunder storms?



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