Hour Glass Farm! Grand Opening?
Today went well. Very labor intensive putting the chicken wire up but we made it through. Does anyone know how to make the fence more stable? besides using more stakes.It was a beautiful day, 75 (or more) degrees and full sun. What seemed to be a wonderful day, soon turned into....... a day, in the garden.

It all began when those heavy dark clouds, started moving in our direction. My aunt had informed me of the upcoming thunderstorm, but these clouds were hours away from being dangerous. Enjoying our time spent in the garden, we did not realize how powerful and hot the sun really was until the damage had been done. I should have let ashley look and see if there was any sunscreen at the slevin (7eleven). Everything went well in the garden. We collected some "hobo" onions. Which are the onions from last year growing again. We transplanted the onion I previously had planted in front of my building this winter. We transplanted our itty bitty baby onions, and planted the cold weather seeds. We planted the white pumpkin, carrot, lettuce, beet, and raddish seeds, along with the asparagus and rhubarb bulbs. I am so excited! but very concerned. Because. It just stopped hailing and thundering and storming very intensely. I was forced into running through the horrible beating from ice balls ranging in size from lemon heads to golf balls.. WELTS CENTRAL! my point being, I hope the baby onions are ok we may have transplanted them too early. They were really tiny. Oh gosh. I hope someone isnt out to get me from above. I dont dig that as much as I dig soil! laughter. But seriously that wouldnt be cool.
I took some great pictures today that I will probably post tomorrow, but right now I wanna eat my delicious, hot, fudgy, freshly baked brownies. That I baked in a bundt pan because that was all I had. I will inform my possible readers of the outcome. Cheers, until next time.
-Mel Chèrie


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