the situation that arose on tomato day.
so yesterday we planted the tomaters, and that just went swimmingly. except for the wind blowing over the tray with the peat pellets, luckily only one was taken by the wind.. we soon realized, upon the commencement of sowing, that there was a missing packet of seeds!.  from my balcony, we searched high and low and no seed packet was found. WE HAD TO TAKE ACTION. we went downstairs, and scanned the ground underneath the balcony but still nothing. i decided to use my mad detective skills. factoring in the direction that the wind blew, from the angle of the seeds original resting place; led me right to the purple tomato seed packet entangled in a bush. "HUZUH!" WE EXCLAIMED IN JOY. we had found our seeds.
Ashley = Watson
Mel Chèrie = Holmes
so continuing on with the day. everything is looking beautiful and green. i was peering in and realized...
THE ANCHO PEPPERS ARE GROWING. more like ancho pepper, because only one seed has germinated as of yet. but nonetheless still wonderful. viewing our ancho pepper seedling we got excited/ worried about the habañero peppers. so we started poking in the soil to see:
1. if we planted in all the pockets of the egg crate
2. if there was anything going on with the seeds at all
we dug up a few and found nothing, not even seeds, and then i came across one. sadness lay beside my fingertip. a seed that that did not germinate. ashley found another and upon first glance we had uncovered another disappointment. with a closer eye she gazed upon the sadness resting on her fingertip. to both of our surprise, it had sprouted a very tiny root. i really hope this means good things. would soil firmness have a great effect on root growth? we gently placed our baby habañero back into its cradle, and tucked it under a nice 1/4 in. of dirt.
our leggy broccoli broccoli seems to be doing better since we moved it into a larger cup. we also buried it deeper hoping this will stunt the legginess? we also plucked a few of the hopless sprouts out, and why should we waste some good baby broccoli.
that is right i ate my own baby. my baby broccoli, THAT I RAISED FROM A SEED! and it was delicious. after an awful experience of trying a green unripe tomato when i was a child, i didn't know what to expect. but to my surprise, it tasted like broccoli. ashley at it too. we are both like kronos. 
cheers until next time,
mel chèrie


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