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Our plan...our unsuccessful plan
Our plan yesterday was to plant our cool weather crops outside. Things like Lettuce, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Beets and Carrots. Our onion seedlings aren't strong enough yet to put outside, and we have to put our fence up today beforehand so that rabbits don't eat them.

Anyway, we drove to our plot, loosened up our soil, and were just about to plant when of course, the water spigots weren't up and running!!! So now we decided that we are going back today with jugs and jugs of water so that we can successfully plant everything that we intended to.

We strategically mapped out our land with a grid plot, and analyzed foot by foot, where everything should go. I think some of our plants may have to go into our parents back yards. That's fine with me cause then I can get my mom to water sometimes, and I can go and see my puppies more often.

When we got to the plot we proceeded to twine off our little space, and mark with twigs where to plant everything. Sadly, although we couldn't start yesterday, we will begin today by actually fencing off our land, and finally get the ball rolling.

Does anyone know how soon is too soon to plant onion seedlings?

Also, do bunnies chew through plastic fencing? Am I better off with metal?

Still waiting for tomatoes and herbs to sprout their seeds, but its only been a couple of days, so I'm not worried. Still just one Ancho Pepper sprout...only time will tell.


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Yes, they can chew through plastic.

Read more here:

Onions seedlings/bulbs can go in from mid-fall through early spring. Frost/temperature is not a concern (although, you want good dranage).

We (onesmallgarden) left our onion bulbs in from last year (from which we harvested the greens last season) and will be harvesting them as full onions in the fall. We're also planting a denser patch of onions specifically for spring onions/greens.

(Haven't had issues with rabbits though. Our issues has been snails and slugs. And possibly birds/squirrels digging up our pea/bean seeds).

Just a quick addendum (also from onesmallgarden): are you growing onions from seeds or "sets" (the things that look like tiny, one-inch-big onions)? We started with the latter, since that's what we were advised -- they're basically year-old onion seeds -- and they can be planted as soon as the soil has thawed. We haven't played with actual onion seeds, though.

Now did you start your onions originally from seed? Cause thats what we did and not the sprouts are about 2 inches tall, and were about to plant them outside you think that's too early? We're not really sure what to expect with them...any advice?

We started from seed indoors, which was exciting for us when they began to sprout!

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