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The Beginning
So heres the start of it all.
We rented out a space that is 20x20. We wanted to go the most natural route possible, so we deided to start from organic seeds in organic soil. I began our process in January by collecting empty egg cartons, salad boxes, and any empty containers to use for planting. We like to go cheap, as in spending almost no money.
We began germinating our seeds on March 24th, a day early here in suburban Chicago, because I was going out of town for the weekend.
The seeds we planted so far are as follows:
Ancho Peppers
Habenero Peppers
Purple Podded Pole Beans
Long Red Florence Onions
Orange Bell Peppers

We were a bit worried after we had strategically planted our first set of seeds. We put them each into little divets in our egg flats and watered them accordingly. After I left, Melissa poked holes in the bottom of our flats, and put addiional flats underneath them for better drainage. For a while we were scared that nothing would germinate. BUT, our worries were settled, when a few days later, BROCCOLI SPROUTS! What was odd is that usually broccoli takes 10-12 days to germinate, and it only took ours about four. Then, when we thought that nothing else was going to germinate, a few days later, ONION SPROUTS! I umped for joy when Mel called me. I was supposed to be sitting at the table during Passover seder, but I was honestly more excited that we had more of what we are calling, our babies!

We also built a make-shift green house, by taking cardboard and egg carton strips, gluing them together, posting wooden sticks in the corners, attaching more cardboard and wood, and then covering the top with clear plastic. What was funny is that we didnt have to buy ANY of it, Mel had all of these things in her apartment! Were gunna use it to keep in moisture, but at the same time, not steaming out seeds.

Anyway, I will try to upload a couple of pictures I took on my phone. There will be more to come, so watch out for our progress! If you have any advice for us, please post. On April 1st, we will be germinating our Heirloom Tomato Seeds!


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Greetings from half of onesmallgarden. =)

Congrats on starting a garden -- we've really enjoyed ours. Also, if your results are like ours were, prepare to cook for a lot of friends, or get into canning.


Of the above list of plants, we didn't have a lot of success with peppers (probably because they were behind our peas, which blocked a lot of morning/east light). Our Broccoli was odd -- it never produced in the spring, and in the fall, it went a bit nuts, but went from happy heads to flowering faster than we harvested it.

In short, I don't have any good advice for any of them.

Yeah we're pretty excited about all of it....Thanks for the reply!
I'll be sure to keep the peppers in mind when we transplant them outside.
As for the broccoli, I think only time will tell for ours.

Thanks again!

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